Janice Mendez, Principal - St. Frances of Rome School, Azusa


Onward Leaders has opened up many doors for me. It has allowed me to feel confident in a role that can be overwhelming. The on the job training has provided a strong foundation from which to lead and inspire. In my year of residency, I grew professionally and personally. Having a cohort to work with made it easy to obtain support and knowledge.  We learned the theories that support strong leadership, collaborated with wonderful leaders, and spent time learning the job from the inside out. My year as an Onward Leader was unforgettable and so beneficial. I am blessed to have worked alongside so many wonderful leaders who helped shape the administrator I have become. Now, I am beyond blessed to work with my new school community at St. Frances of Rome in Azusa.


- Janice Mendez, Principal

St. Frances of Rome School, Azusa


Mission Statement

The mission of St. Frances of Rome School is to build a community in which God is the center of our lives.  Parents and teachers work as partners to create a secure, nurturing and loving environment that allows students to explore and develop their God given talents and excel in all aspects of life.  We are committed towards the formation of culturally aware persons of faith who respect the dignity of all life.  Our hope is that our students will grow to become followers of the Gospel message of Jesus who are compassionate and contributing global citizens.


Website: SFRschool.org

Email: Principal@sfrchurch.org