Onward Leaders resident principals work together in a cohort to develop knowledge and skills of the Archdiocesan leadership competencies in Faith, Excellence and Stewardship under the guidance of the Onward Leaders Director. The mentor principal coaches the resident principal in all areas of the Archdiocesan framework at the school site. The Onward Leaders Program Director works with each resident principal to design an individual learning path around the Archdiocesan pillars and facilitates with the mentor principal authentic field experiences based on competencies in each pillar.
During the resident year, the Onward Leaders meet bimonthly as a cohort to build collective capacity and collaboratively problem solve real issues that have come up at their sites.  The Onward Leaders Director makes a monthly structured site visit that includes reviewing budget to actuals at the site, visiting classrooms to collect data and coaching the resident on projects or concerns unique to the site. 
In order to understand the larger mission of Department of Catholic Schools and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the residents are emerged in the mission and vision of the system.  The residents participate as a cohort as a WCEA/WASC Visiting Committee and attend the Deanery Professional Learning Communities with their mentor principals.  
Using texts, articles, podcasts, blogs and guest speakers, the Cohort explores best practices in leading the learning at a Catholic Elementary School in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  During the residency year, the mentor principal and resident principal work in tandem to move the school toward attaining their goals for the year.  
The Vision for the program is for each Onward Leader to actualize the Archdiocesan vision for growth at the their school site by establishing a collaborative culture to ensure vibrant Catholic schools for present and future generations. 
The Onward Leaders Program provides a competitive residency salary and benefits and a generous stipend to the mentor principal.