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Profile of Mentor Principals

Mentor Principals are selected by the Department of Catholic Schools based on the Archdiocesan Vision and Goals for Leadership framed upon the pillars of Faith, Excellence and Stewardship.

Mentor Principals have:
  • A record of leadership for improving student achievement at their site or previous site
  • Established leaders at their site (Committees, WASC Participation)
  • The ability to deconstruct thinking and reflect on their own practice
  • An understanding of adult learning
Mentor Principals will participate in:
  • Coaching and mentoring (July and ongoing throughout the year)
  • Assisting the OLP Director in designing authentic learning experiences for the OLP Resident Principal based on real needs at current site in the areas of Faith, Excellence and Stewardship
Mentor Principals have the ability to:
  • Release control to the resident principal in specific areas
  • Give transparent feedback to increase capacity of resident principal